If you're trying to figure out just WHY your soulmate clients aren't blowing up your inbox, keep reading.


❤️Your heart BEATS for the work you do.

♻️You lean courageously into holding space for massive transformation.

🔮You know that you are meant for this.


But when it comes to calling in actual $$$ PAYING clients you're in the TWILIGHT ZONE.


All of the passion, courage, love, excitement and clarity disappear when it's time to create social media content or market yourself.


So, on one hand you feel extremely EMPOWERED in your work with your clients but on the other hand you extremely DISEMPOWERED in your ability to call in those clients.

And this is something that needs to be addressed RIGHT NOW.

Before you burn out.
Before you go broke.
Before you throw this whole spiritual business thing out the window.

The answer is quite simple, thankfully.




You're probably Googling "how to your coaching practice online" and getting all sorts of manipulative, low vibe, sleazy marketing advice that you try to convince yourself feels good, but it just doesn't.

They tell you to niche down.
They tell you to stick to your message.
They tell you to only put your best face forward.
They say NO to vulnerability and openness.
They say NO to everything that comes intuitively to you.

And you, sweet one, want to do whatever it takes to give your business a winning chance so you listen to them.


But that advice was never meant for YOU -- the magical being that you are. You are out there doing work that facilitates actual SOUL LEVEL TRANSFORMATION.

You are out here, heart first and soul center, showing up for your vision even when it's hard to stay the course.

So of course the same marketing strategies that work for insurance agents or restaurants don't work for you!



Your clients don't understand you or hire you because you're showing them .01% of YOU.

They don't get an opportunity to really connect with the fullness of your magic.

You're still connecting with them in the old-school muggle ways that don't capture the true power of your work.


I've created this FREE workbook to support you in manifesting soulmate clients on social media while honoring your magic from top to bottom.


Zero percent manipulation or sleaze.

100 percent soul-led.


Download it here:



Meet your host, Nannette Minley (aka ME!)



I support lightworkers and coaches call in high-end soulmate clients via social media in a way that makes them feel ALIVE and ALIGNED. I believe your business is your divine expression in service.


When people partner with me, they are experiencing some block or plateau in their marketing and sales process that is holding them back from consistent income, growth, or sustainable success in general.


I go in to figure out what the root cause is of the marketing issues or what core belief is stifling progress. After we deal with those things, we move into the more logistical areas of marketing- copywriting, soulmate client clarity, funnels, program co-creation, etc.


I support you in your strategy. I support you in your personal growth. They are always parallel. They are two sides of the same coin. Your business is your divine expression in service, right?


My purpose in all this is that lightworkers and intuitives are supported energetically, financially and emotionally by their work. This is how I’m using my gifts and skills to help shift the collective consciousness.