If you're experiencing massive resistance to marketing your intuitive, spiritual or healing-based offers, I can almost guarantee that you have been fed toxic beliefs and ideas when it comes to business. 


These false beliefs sometimes sound like:

  • ❌ You have to HUSTLE to make it in business.
  • ❌ You have to be loud and the center of attention to win in business.
  • ❌ Be prepared to struggle for 6-18 months before you profit.
  • ❌ You have to deliver tangible, quantifiable results for clients
  • in order to have a profitable and helpful business.
  • ❌ You have to know your ideal client's favorite TV show before
  • you ever start marketing to them.

Blah, blah, blah.

Hold the PHONE.



I have some good news that will feel like a massive weight

is being removed from your shoulders.


These beliefs are not universally true.

There are millions of exceptions to every single one of these rules. 


It's finally time for us to scrub these ideas (and similar ones) out of your mind because the world is already eagerly waiting for you to show up in a way that is authentic to YOU. 


The world is waiting for you to come as you are...

And these toxic beliefs about how "the game" works are not serving you the way you think they are.

Marketing should NOT be wearing you down. It should feel good, easy and even FUN to connect with new clients and create resonance with your audience.


It gets to feel that way, I promise.


The first step from where you are to an aligned marketing strategy is to detox and release all the beliefs that have you feeling icky in the first place. Any strategy that you create under the guise of these beliefs CANNOT be authentic over the long term. First we release, then we create. 


Over the span of 5 days, we will tackle 5 areas of your marketing that have been affected by these toxic beliefs and we are TRULY cleaning house. 



And what awaits you on the other side is a deeper trust in your ability to market your business, certainty behind each decision you make in your business and a sense of radical freedom when it comes to SHOWING UP. 


So, are you ready to RELEASE these limiting, toxic and mistaken beliefs about what it takes to call in clients and thrive?


The Investment: $27 for unlimited access and 5 days of trainings to support you in shedding the lies that have held you back. 

Meet your host, Nannette Minley (aka ME!)



I support lightworkers and coaches call in high-end soulmate clients via social media in a way that makes them feel ALIVE and ALIGNED. I believe your business is your divine expression in service.


When people partner with me, they are experiencing some block or plateau in their marketing and sales process that is holding them back from consistent income, growth, or sustainable success in general.


I go in to figure out what the root cause is of the marketing issues or what core belief is stifling progress. After we deal with those things, we move into the more logistical areas of marketing- copywriting, soulmate client clarity, funnels, program co-creation, etc.


I support you in your strategy. I support you in your personal growth. They are always parallel. They are two sides of the same coin. Your business is your divine expression in service, right?


My purpose in all this is that lightworkers and intuitives are supported energetically, financially and emotionally by their work. This is how I’m using my gifts and skills to help shift the collective consciousness.