I help you fall in love with your soul's medicine so that when it's time to market your offers, your resistance melts away and your business profits.




I help you fall in love with your soul's medicine so that when it's time to market your offers, your resistance melts away and your business profits.

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You've been through some things that have taken you deep into your own soul to heal and grow. 


You've leaned in when others might have given up.

You've dug deep into your own soul and discovered diamonds.

And you're ready to bring the things you've learned to the world.


Because you know what it's like to be on this journey of healing and growth. 

You know what it felt like before and what it feels like now and it feels so good to share your message with someone who will use it to change their own life for the better.


In the pursuit of impact and love, you've decided to spend your one life on this earth being of service to humanity.


Maybe you're a coach, a lightworker, a healer, a therapist, a speaker, an author, or a spiritual influencer. Or maybe you're someone like me who loves to support those who are making the world a little (or a lot) brighter. 


Regardless of the title you wear right now, you are here, ready to use your story and your soul, your service to help people feel better and move through life with more ease and joy. 


And when it comes to all the details, well, that's where it gets fuzzy.


What does your core offer look like?

What about your marketing?

What is "on brand" for you?

How do you call in clients?


It can be enough to make your head spin.

I've seen so many POWERFUL catalysts loose all their steam right here and get burnt all the way out


This is absolutely devastating to me. Thinking of all the potential magic stuck inside them, all the energy sitting stagnant in their souls. 


I want to help as many healers and coaches as possible STAY in business because I truly believe that you are capable of changing the world.

What do I bring to the table? 


I take the concept of marketing from something that totally overwhelms you into something that feels like second nature. 


I use my intuitive gifts (claircognizance, clairempathy and clairvoyance) to support visionaries like you in launching, building and growing your business. 


Together, we can start at the idea phase and get your business launched with your first few clients in the books.


Or- we can take your moderately successful business and amplify your reach & impact to grow into your next level.


The stage of business doesn't matter as much as your vision. What I mean by that is that your vision is what I connect with whether you're brand new to business, brand new to ONLINE business or been in the online business industry for years. 


What matters is that you are here to take the magic inside your soul and share it so that others may experience healing or growth. 


I help you anchor into your vision and teach you to relate to your marketing in a heart-centered way which makes it easier for you to execute and more satisfying to plan out. 




You are ready to make some waves.


You look at the world and refuse to accept things as they are.

You’re full of hope and excitement because you know the work you do can actually help people.


But, at the same time, you're haunted by your potential.


You feel this urgency in your soul that says it's time to do the the thing!


So you get to it!


You jump into some Facebook groups to network and start growing your business online and immediately you’re dizzied.




The endless list of jargon is a bigger pill to swallow than your daily multivitamin.

“What are funnels and conversions? And why do I need a tracking pixel?”



Do you really need all that stuff?

Well, it depends.


The energetic state you're inhabiting when you answer that question is going to drastically affect the outcome of your business.


If you've done the inner work to validate yourself and trust your intuition and you want the tech to help you increase your impact exponentially, then you have my full support and I can hook you up with all the digital marketing support your heart desires.


However, if you start implementing all the tech to make yourself feel more legit from the outside in, your work with me will look very different.



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Join my premium membership for visionaries!


Become a part of my free community on Facebook!

Join my premium membership for visionaries!

About Nannette Minley


I support visionary coaches and healers like you in two distinct capacities. 


1. I teach you new paradigm marketing strategies. New paradigm meaning that all the strategies are rooted in the foundation of abundance, interdependence, community and wholeness. 


2. I help you fall in love with the beauty of your unique magic, your soul's medicine, your vision, so that when it's time to market your offers with those tools I mentioned above, your resistance melts away and your business profits. 



And I do this work with a very particular kind of person.


A visionary. A creator. One of the crazy ones that believes that they are here to change the world with their work. I support people who lean into their ability to influence and speak and use those gifts for GOOD. I support you when I know that putting my time and energy behind your work is an investment into a more healed and whole and abundant future. 


If you’ve read this far, my guess is that you are exactly that kind of person.


My guess is that you’re a woman (or man) with a vision and you’re ready to fast 👏🏻 track 👏🏻. You’re not wanting to fumble around- while wasting tons of money on monthly email autoresponders that you literally never use- and figure things out slowly.


My guess is that you know you are meant to do BIG things and in order to do that, you need to spend as much time in your zone of genius, your divine groove, as possible.


Your work is much too valuable to have you running at the full speed of your dazzle- only to slam on the breaks when it comes to bring your business online.


This is where I come in and do my thing.

I know this stuff. I live and breathe copywriting and marketing.


It. Is. My. Jam. 

So, who am I?


I’m Nannette. I geek out on growing businesses that facilitate healing. I’ve been marketing online for almost 10 years.


You know, the parts of your business that you dread? The strategy, the marketing, the tracking and measuring, the visibility?


Yeah, that’s the stuff I love.

And I believe you can love it too**


**You can love your marketing IF AND ONLY IF you honor your soul with your marketing strategy. It's possible to do this. I have supported over 100 change makers in doing just that,


What would change if I could work with you to overcome the confusion induced by growing your business online?

This isn’t a rhetorical question, by the way. I’m about to answer it.

  1. You could have a profitable, online-based business even if you’re generally averse to the internet.

  2. You could have passive income streams that allow you to build true, long-lasting wealth doing what you love.

  3. You could have money coming into your business in the next few weeks that you would have missed if you didn’t get your marketing and tech working FOR you.

  4. You could be sitting here, in the same spot but 6 months later, living a radically different life because you’d be leveraging a 24/7 piece of real estate that can generate the best leads and attract clients that light you up.

Imagine all the things we could do together!

Do you KNOW I'm your coach?

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FREEBIE ALERT: Free Workbook for Attracting Soulmate Clients!

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