You're a visionary.
A world-changer.

Driven by something that is simultaneously deep within you and much, MUCH bigger than you. 


You're here to do epic, cosmic, transformational shit.


Are you ready to fully own your vision and step into this life?

Taking your magic from the whispers of your soul to your business is ...everything.


It's exciting. It's scary. It's overwhelming. It's freeing.


It's something you've been called to do.

It's something you know to the core that you MUST do.

That fiery feeling is growing louder... echoing through your heart.


You know the song.


"There is a better way.

The world is full of infinite possibility.

I know I'm meant to create a new experience-

a fulfilling, magical, supportive, experience.

I am here to shift, no obliterate the paradigms that we have outgrown.

The time is now.

I must engage my purpose."


You know that your work is deeply beyond powerful.

And you know that you're meant to make it BIG with this work.


Guess what?
I agree with you.

The healing and transformation you co-create with your clients needs to be in the damn spotlight, and I've made it my mission to walk alongside you as you work your way there.

As a visionary, I know that you need more than just a coaching package - more than just a training video - more than a plug-and-play framework.

That's why I created a dedicated space for you and ALL of what makes you, you: your gifts, your magic, your business, your soul, your purpose, your divine drive, your essence which is a catalyst by nature. This space is for the BIGGEST, BADDEST, MOST MAGICAL version of you.


Join The Visionaries

Monthly courses. Marketing training. Mindset. Energetic connection. Grow your business with other visionaries who are here to change the world.

I know how much you've had to shrink for other people but not here, not with me, not ever.

You get to shine as bright as you want without the fear of outshining anyone else. 

I invite you to join the

Visionary Marketing Membership.

We are kicking off your time in the Visionary Marketing Membership with a 4 week course on attracting soulmate clients on social media.

Valued at $333, you get free access by joining the Visionary Marketing Membership.

Here's the outline for the course-

  • Week 1: WHO are your soulmate clients actually?

    We explore who your soulmate clients are beyond the 'niche.'

    I can guarantee that your soulmate clients can be 21 or 54. They can live in the US or Spain. They have something in common but it's deeper than demographics. It's 2019, let's finally ditch the labels, yeah?

  • Week 2: The beginning and the end. 

    Your soulmate client is on a life-long journey but you will only be with them for a short time. 

    It's tempting to want to be at every single pit stop on the freeway of transformation but it doesn't really work like that. You have an area that feels better than all the others, let's define it and bloom there. 

  • Week 3: Soul-to-Soul Connections

    Now that we know who and where, let's dig into the WHY.

    Understanding why your soulmate clients would choose to work with you right here and now will make marketing and selling 10000% easier. This is the one where I hold a mirror up to your magic and having you making heart eyes at yourself. 

  • Week 4: Creating Opportunities for Resonance 101

    You + Soulmate Client = Harmony.

    Yay! We've finally reached the HOW of the whole client attraction process. I will show you how to go from crickets to highly engaged audience full of soulmate clients lining up to work with you right now. It's not easy but it's simple and if you can embody the energy we will play with, you will literally fall in love with selling. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Am I a visionary? How do I know?

Is this for newbie visionaries or established visionaries?

What should I expect from this membership?

What is the time commitment?

Does this include any coaching?

Yes! We will be group coaching at least once a month (more if I feel inspired) and this membership includes one 30 minute 1:1 call with Nannette Minley. 

  • Visionary Mindset Support

  • 5D Marketing Trainings

  • Monthly Mini-Courses

  • Community of Visionaries

  • Collaboration Opportunities

  • Alchemizing your message as it shifts and grows to encompass your full vision.

  • Allowing yourself to be BIG and BRIGHT and fully supported by other BIG and BRIGHT people.

  • Connecting with other catalysts, healers, forces of nature and magical movers and shakers. 

  • Learning marketing and business development that aligns with the new paradigms and possibilities.

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Monthly courses. Marketing training. Mindset. Energetic connection. Grow your business with other visionaries who are here to change the world.

Meet your host, Nannette Minley (aka ME!)

I support visionaries, energy workers, intuitive service providers and souled out coaches call in high-end soulmate clients via social media in a way that makes them feel ALIVE and ALIGNED. I believe your business is an extension of your divine expression.


When people partner with me, they typically identify as visionaries who are experiencing some lack of clarity or plateau in their marketing and growth process that is holding them back from consistent income or sustainable success in general.


I go in to figure out what the root cause is of the marketing issues or what core belief is stifling progress. After we deal with those things, we move into the more logistical areas of marketing- copywriting, soulmate client clarity, funnels, program co-creation, etc.


I support you in your strategy. I support you in your personal growth. They are always parallel. They are two sides of the same coin. Your business is your divine expression in service, right?


My purpose in all this is that visionaries and intuitives are supported energetically, financially and emotionally by their work. As visionaries, light workers and coaches are more and more supported in this way, the world will change for the better by using their impact for GOOD.


This is how I’m using my gifts and skills to help shift the collective consciousness.


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Monthly courses. 1:1 Coaching.

Marketing training. Mindset. Energetic connection.

Grow your business with other visionaries who are here to change the world.

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